We are a specialized company that provides financial and accounting advice to companies and accounting and auditing offices in the Arab Gulf states and Egypt. We provide all accounting, auditing and financial advisory services under the leadership of a professional team. The company adopts an online accounting business policy as well as providing accounting services to our clients inside their headquarters. Accounts specialists work remotely on electronic audit programs for major auditing offices and help them achieve all their goals and services. We also prepare feasibility studies, work plans, specialized translation work, and training services for employees of the accounting and financial departments.

About Us

Expert House.... We cooperate to build an entity together.

Expert House
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To be the first choice to enable our clients to achieve more goals.

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We seek to provide our financial, advisory and auditing services to our clients from companies and legal accounting offices in the Arabian Gulf and Egypt using the latest technology and a distinguished team that always strives towards development and achieving the desired goals for clients.

Why us?

Service to Corporate Clients
Service to Corporate Clients

Outstanding work team

We have a group of specialized workers and consultants with scientific and practical experience


Success Partners

We have a selected and distinguished base of clients with whom we have long-term relationships based on professional craftsmanship and mutual trust in Egypt and Gulf states.


the performance

The speed of performance, its distinction, flexibility and the use of technology means our tools in accomplishing our work to keep pace with the aspirations of our customers


We have a professional team with more than 14 years of experience in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the rest of the Gulf countries in all fields of our business from financial and accounting consultancy, as well as auditing the accounts of joint stock and limited liability companies and others and in several commercial, industrial and service sectors as well as in investment companies, financial companies and investment funds And they have the ability to work on electronic audit programs such as caseware, 1Audit.

Our team also includes those who have professional certificates such as MBA, IFRS, SOCPA, ESAA, CIA, and we always strive to include more members of the work team who desire development and excellence.